Who else is doing it

There are hundreds of examples of co-leadership between co-founders or co-CEOs. Only a few organizations have woven partnership for leaders into their DNA, applying it to hundreds or thousands of pairs of leaders. But these few organizations have led their industries for decades: the Mayo Clinic, Toyota, and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Here are a few prominent examples of co-leadership.

The Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic co-leadership v3.png


Toyota co-leadership v2

The U.S. Armed Forces

Armed Forces co-leadership v2.png

Walt Disney & Roy Disney

Disney co-leaders

Dave Packard & Bill Hewlett

HP co-ceos

Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs

Apple co-founders.png

Andy Grove, Bob Noyce & Gordon Moore

Intel co-ceos.png

Henry Kravis & George Roberts

KKR co-ceos

Larry Page & Sergey Brin

Google co-founders

John Lasseter & Ed Catmull

Pixar co-ceos

Walter Robb & John Mackey

Whole Foods co-ceos

Steve Ells & Monty Moran

Chipotle co-ceos